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More Than an Eye Exam……A 150 Point Inspection!!

Our eyes are very much like a car.  We rely on both to get around.  So, why is it that we don’t think anything about getting our cars inspected yearly (maybe because there’s a law requiring it) but we don’t always think of getting our eyes inspected yearly?  You generally don’t wait until your car breaks down to get an inspection, so why should we treat our eyes any differently?

Here are some of the things that we do in our 150 point inspection of your eyes:

  • Eye alignment… getting your front end aligned
  • Glaucoma check….checks the pressure like in your tires
  • Macular degeneration……making sure your headlights and timing is correct
  • Diabetic Retinopathy…….checking for oil leaks
  • Dry Eye / Eyelid evaluation……checking the windshield wipers
  • Dilation of the pupils.……like checking under your hood

Glasses and contacts that can help correct your vision can be like the windshield is to your car.  Scratches and dings can affect your vision, and should be repaired or replaced routinely to enhance your ability to see the best.  Plan on getting your eyes dilated while you’re getting your eyes checked.  It’s like checking under the hood of your car to assess the function of all those important parts that make your engine run properly.  We want to make sure that all the parts of your retina (optic nerve, macula, blood vessels) are in top notch working order.

Like cars, as your eyes get older, there are more potential complications and possible breakdowns.  It becomes that much more important to do regular checkups.  You may be able to get new car parts, or even a new car, but you can’t get a new set of eyes.  Next time you get your car inspected, be thinking of getting your eyes inspected too!


Dr. Sang Pham

Eye inspection